Somchai Srilert

Ajahn Phramaha Somchai was born in Sri Saked, a north east province in Thailand.  When he was 2 years old his father become a monk. He decided to followed his father’s footstep by becoming a novice when he was 14 years old. After 6 years as a novice, he ordained as a monk. He has been ordained for 25+ years. Ajahn Somchai holds a Master Degree, from Thammasart University, in Social Science with a major in Education. He also holds the Highest Grade of Dhamma Studies, A Pali Studies Level 6 and Abhidhamma Chultho (Level 2). He can speak Lao, Cambodian, local Northeast and South Asian languages, and Thai. He is now studying English at Cascadia.  Ajahn Somchai has 1 brother.

In his opinion, a good monk has to follow 4 rules: 1. Study Dhamma all his life. 2. Practice the Dhamma. 3. Give Dhamma talks to lay people. 4.Teach Dhamma in schools or colleges.