About our Retreats

Attending one of our Meditation Retreats is a great way to get away from your daily activities, free your mind, and concentrate on your meditation practice.  The Retreats alternate between Weekend and Saturday (Day of Mindfulness).  Even if you select the Weekend Retreat, but cannot attend the full retreat, you are welcome to attend “Saturday only”.   Please read the ‘ABM Retreat Guide’ for more information on retreat protocol.

What you could expect during the practice?

These Meditation Retreats are conducted in silence, provide an excellent opportunity to deepen your meditation practice, and your understanding of the Dhamma.  We offer a balanced schedule of sitting and walking meditation, meditation instruction, and Dhamma talks.

Wat Atamma is nestled in a lovely park-like setting on five acres where you are encouraged to camp out when the weather permits, usually during the months of June to September.  Otherwise, you would stay in our building.

For the Weekend Retreat please arrive Friday evening at 6.30pm to set up and get oriented.  The first session begins at 7pm.  The retreat will end Saturday at 9pm.  If you stay overnight you are welcome to join our regular Sunday service.

A Continental Breakfast is served Saturday Morning at 7 am, and a Thai vegetarian lunch will be provided.

How to participate?

Select the period that you wish to attend and  follow this link for online registration.

Please note that all your information is treated strictly confidential and will not be shared with any party.

As soon as we got your email,  allow 3-7 days for returned email confirmation from us.   Or you might want to email us at info@atamma.org for any questions before registration.

Please note that the retreat is offered free of charge but donations (dana) are welcome.

Before Registering:

If you would like to familiarize yourself with the monastery, there is a group meditation in English from 7-9pm every Wednesday.  Feel free to invite anyone you know who might be interested in attending a retreat or Wednesday night meeting.

With metta, (loving-kindness)

Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery

19301   176th Ave NE

Woodinville, WA 98072

Tel (425) 481-6640


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