Meditation Retreats

July 28th to July 30th

August 25th to August 27th

September 29th to October 1st

October 16th to October 22nd;  Meditation Retreat as part of the Vegetarian Festival

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Asalha Puja Day

ASALHA PUJA DAY is one of Theravada Buddhism’s most important festivals, celebrating the day on which the Buddha gave the first sermon, called the Dhammacakkappavatta Sutta, the doctrine of the Four Noble Truths, to his five former yogis at the Deer Park in Benares, India. This first pivotal sermon, is often referred to as “setting into motion the wheel of dharma”. Anyakonthanya, one […]

Picnic Day at the Monastery

Have a wonderful Picnic at the Monastery:  many of the local Thai Restaurants setup food tents for your enjoyment, or you can bring your own food and enjoy the environment.

Kathina Day

Kathina Day celebrates the completion of the 3 month rains retreat. To celebrate, the lay community offer the monastic community gifts of robes and supplies. “It is both a significant and joyful occasion that, over time, has become emblematic of the richness of the relationship that exists between the lay people and the monastics. This […]