Past Events

Magha Puja Activities

Come celebrate this important moment in Buddhist history, honoring the Three Jewels of Buddhism: the Buddha (his enlightenment), the Sangha (community of Buddhists around the world), and the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha). Services starts at 9:30am  

Tuesday’s Sutta Study Group

We will be continuing our Sutta Study bi-weekly on Tuesday nights. Please drop a note to Mr. Vern Carlson at if you would like to join and he will add you to our email thread which announces the current topic. And also please join us on Discord for Dhamma-related discussion and impromptu meditation. (Discord is […]

Wednesday Night Meditation & Chanting Service

On Wednesday at 7:00pm we chant in Pali and English, followed by a 45 minute meditation, a tea break, and a Dhamma Talk in English.  The Wednesday Sangha is primarily focused on meditation and learning Buddhist fundamentals.  Beginners and those who have practiced before are welcome.  If you have any questions about Wednesday Evening Meditation, please email them […]

Tuesday’s Sutta Study Group

The Satipatthana Sutta and meditation practices will continue to be the study group’s subject on Dec 7th.  Our meeting format adjustment worked nicely (at least once) and we’ll try it again.  After chanting, there will be a short discussion about meditation practices, then have a 30 minute meditation session followed by more discussion. Please share […]

Meditation Retreat at Atammayatarama

Meditation Retreat for 3 days: Thursday October 28th to Saturday October 30th. Observing the Eight Precepts, listening to Dhamma Talks, Meditation and Insight Meditation You may sleep at the Monastery, or attend the Retreat sleeping at home and returning early each morning.  If sleeping at the Monastery, bring your own sleeping bag and toiletries. Check-in […]