Tuesday’s Sutta Study Group

The Satipatthana Sutta and meditation practices will continue to be the study group’s subject on Dec 7th.  Our meeting format adjustment worked nicely (at least once) and we’ll try it again.  After chanting, there will be a short discussion about meditation practices, then have a 30 minute meditation session followed by more discussion.
Please share your sources.  I have enjoyed the sutta translation by Nyanasatta Thera.  The ‘notes’ portion provided a look into the broader meanings of words used in the sutta.
These are the links from the last email for the group.
More Joseph Goldstein:  The Experience of Insight is a book written in the ’70’s that describes a 30 day retreat and pertinent subjects that were covered during the retreat.  Its a pleasant and informative read.

Please share any other versions of the suttas and any commentaries. Your information can be sent out to our email list.

The link for the meeting is:


Coordinates for the meeting are ID: 871 0321 1818; P/W 980047

Drop a note to Mr. Vern Carlson if you would like to join:  ndvcarlson@comcast.net

And also please join us on Discord for Dhamma-related discussion and impromptu meditation. (Discord is a chat program that you can use on your computer or phone.) Email kalyanamitta@fastmail.com for a link.