Tuesday’s Sutta Study Group

We will be continuing our Sutta Study bi-weekly on Tuesday nights. Please drop a note to Mr. Vern Carlson at ndvcarlson@comcast.net if you would like to join and he will add you to our email thread which announces the current topic.

And also please join us on Discord for Dhamma-related discussion and impromptu meditation. (Discord is a chat program that you can use on your computer or phone.) Email kalyanamitta@fastmail.com for a link.

Our Tuesday Sutta Study group is currently meeting online on Zoom. The link for the meeting is:


ID: 871 0321 1818; P/W 980047

Vern writes about the Feb 1st meeting:

Time to ‘reboot’ and start anew (kind of like a new year)!  Let’s take a look at Buddha’s First and Second Discourses.  Borrowing directly from ‘The Island’:  these are Buddha’s first systemic teachings;  explaining the truth of spiritual disease, the cause, the prognosis and the prescription (Noble Eightfold Path); and, using the search for self as the theme, explains how the wise noble disciple becomes dispassionate towards the body, feelings, perception, mental formations and consciousness.  Here we go again…after all its titled ‘The Wheel of Truth’.
Santikaro has provided a comprehensive syllabus for The Four Noble Truth as part of a course he offers/has offered at Liberation Park.  This includes discussion and readings.
Please enjoy another selection from Joseph Goldstein.
Much Metta,