New Four Foundations of Mindfulness Class

Four Foundations of Mindfulness Class (Intense Insight Meditation – ‘I.I.M.’)

This class is a wonderful opportunity to significantly deepen one’s understanding and practice of the Dhamma. You will learn, experience, and directly live the teachings in one of the most important groups of subjects in Buddhism.

The Instructor for this class is George Kitsondhi, Thai meditator and teacher, with over 10 years’ experience in teaching this class material, which includes Anapanasati, or Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation. He has excellent English & Thai skills, as well as a deep understanding of the subjects, and their inter-relatedness.

This class meets every Thursday, (not every other Thursday) from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM for 11 weeks, starting on January 18th, and ending March 29, 2018. The class will meet in the upstairs “Nibbana” room in the main temple building.

The class schedule is:

Week 1: Mindfulness, Awareness, and Concentration (sati, sampajanna, and Samadhi).
Week 2: Meditation Hindrances (nivaranas, the weak hindrances), and the Seven Factors of Enlightenment (satta bojjhanga 7).
Week 3: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness (satipatthana 4) and Breathing Meditation (anapanasati).
Week 4: Meditation on Body and Feelings (kaya & vedana).
Week 5: Mindfulness on the Mind (citta), and Mindfulness of The Dhamma.

As registration for the class is required, please try to make the commitment for each class, as the valuable information that will be taught each week is closely linked. If you do happen to miss a class, there is material you can read and later discuss with a fellow student. The first 5 classes are the ‘ground school’ of pre-meditation instruction, and are a solid framework for further practice. Registration is on the bottom of the webpage, and class size is limited to 15.

Beginning on week 6, and through week 11, we will actually be practicing what we will have learned since the start of this class. This will be the actual meditation practice, which will start with a guided introduction of around 15 minutes, followed by 1 hour of silent group practice. Question & answer time will be available at the end of each class.

Because of the importance and depth of this course and the practice, George will give one-on-one ‘make-up’ sessions for those who miss a class, but do please try to attend the regular classes. If you have questions about the class material, you will be able to reach George by phone / text.

There is no charge or dana for this class, (instructor or temple) and, you may make any offerings as you wish, to the temple at any time.

This class includes homework; meditation, study, and personal investigation of the Dhamma.
Additional concepts to be studied are:

• The Four Noble Truths (ariya sacca 4)
• Kamma (karma)
• Four Divine Abidings (brahma vihara 4)
• Five Aggregates (khanda 5)
• Dependent Origination (pattica samuppada)

“The depths of Dhamma are a ‘current’, and it’s easy to miss the boat.” – George
We can only experience Dhamma through meditation, so please, come and sit with us!