Buddhist Panel at Parliament for World’s Religions

Ajahn Ritthi is attending the “Parliament for World’s Religions” and will present to the “Buddhist Panel at Parliament for World’s Religions”, “Keeping the Dhamma in Mind” drawing from the teachings of renowned 20th century visionary Ajahn Buddhadasa.  His presentation will focus on the eminently practical side of dhamma practice illuminating how the application of non-clinging to everyday experience is the most efficacious formula for non-suffering.  In the words of the Buddha, “sabba dhamma nalam abhinivesaya, “absolutely nothing should be clung to.”  Dhammapada verse 421 says, “Anyone who lives free from habits to cling to the past, the present or the future without attaching to anything is a great being.”

The Parliament is scheduled for Oct. 15-19 in Salt Lake City.