Sample Test Questions (Buddhist History)


The Questions and answer of Buddhist History from 2012

Instructions: Write an answer to each of the following questions that bears equal points of 10. You are required to attempt all 7 questions.

Q: How many castes (Vanna) or classes of people in Jambudipa, India were divided in to? And what were their duties?

A: The people in Jambudipa were divided into four castes. In each of these castes, they had their own duties, as follows:

  1. Khattiya or Kshatriya or the Warrior caste had the duty of being rulers or to govern the country.
  2. Brahmana or the priest Caste had the duty of being educationists and performing the religious rites.
  3. Vessa or Vaisya or the Caste of traders or Agriculturists had the duty of trading and farming.
  4. Sudda or Sudra or the Low Caste people had the duty of being labors and servants.

Q: Who were the divine messengers being seen by the prince Siddhattha (Siddhartha)?

A: There were 1. The old person 2. The sick person 3. The dead person and 4. The ascetic (Somana)

Q: What are the Four Holy Places of Buddhism?

A: They are the places where:

  1. The Buddha was born
  2. The Buddha got Enlightenment
  3. The Buddha gave the First Sermon of Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta
  4. The Buddha passed away

Q: On what day did the Buddha pass away?

A: On the full moon Day of the sixth Lunar Month.

Q: Who did offer the last meal to the Buddha?

A: Mr. Cundakammaraputta (Mr. Cunda the son of a goldsmith)

Buddhist Rites

Q: What does the Merit Rite (Punnabidhi) talk about?

A: It talks about performing the merit Rites classified into two parts:

  1. The Auspicious Rite such as birthday ceremony, new house ceremony and marriage ceremony.
  2. The Inauspicious Rite such as death ceremony.

Q: What dose the Danabidhi refer to?

A: It refers to the alm-offering ceremony.