Temple receives King County Permit

Dear Venerable Phra Kru  Sithithammavitath and Executive Board Members,

I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to assist you in applying for the construction permit to build the Thammagosajarn Meditation Hall (the Sala). The construction of the Sala is now completed, and we have received the ‘Final Construction Approval’ to use the Temple.

The construction of the Thammagosajarn Meditation Hall was completed with the cooperation of Buddhists, who have profound faith in Buddhism, and helped with fund raising for this project.  All of the members of all sections of the Temple’s Board of Directors and the Design and Construction Committee also have devoted their physical and emotional efforts as well as their time in seeing this project to its completion.

The Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery is going to be the place where Buddhist’s learn the teaching of The Lord Buddha allowing them to guide themselves in cultivating a peaceful mind through mindfulness (sati) and awareness (sampajanya), which would eventually lead to letting go, lessening and abandoning greed (lopa), anger (tosa), and delusion (moha).

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who gave us support; may the Holy Triple Gem protect every one of you and always bring you auspiciousness.

Hiran Kongkarat
The Chairman of Executive Board of
Wat Atammayatarama


Names of the Design, Lay Out, and Construction Committee members:  Kamol Lakhakul, Hiran Kongkarat, Robert Aumiller, Pong Jongjitirat,
Thanayuth Than,Eugene Pike,May Visutnavarat, Somsakdi Mahakrittiyadhor,  Matt Waddington,John Robert,Dean Wilson,Gail Sullivan, Punya Tipyasothi,
Piti Piampanichwat, Dr. Gaviphat Lekutai, Martin Chin,  Duen Auesiriwong Ziemba, Joseph Romero, Sally Jongjitirat, Tawat Siwadune, George Braslaw, Ven. Ritthi Thirajitto, Ven. Auhisila,
Ven. Phrayad Suwanchatri