September Retreat is Open for Registration

The Weekend Vipassana Retreat starts on Friday at 7 pm through Sunday at 9 am. September 22 to 24 Retreat is open for registration, to register please follow this link: Retreat Registration To learn more about what to expect on our Retreats, please read the following Guide: ABM Retreat Guide

Sunday August 27th at 1pm-3pm, floral training session at Wat Atam

You will be shown how to make floral arrangements which will be used in Memory of King Rama IX.  You will then show others, during Thai Festival on September 9th, how to make the arrangements and everyone participating will make as many floral arrangements as possible.  The floral arrangements will be used for the ceremony on October 21st.   […]

Dhamma Study Class on Thursdays

The class will be held in the Activity Room. The class meets every other Thursday (schedule follows) at 7 pm in the Activity Room (just behind the kitchen).  We start with a 30 minute meditation, followed by a discussion on the subject material. We’re reading “The Island” An Anthology of the Buddha’s Teachings on Nibbana, the book […]

Daily Chanting and Meditation

The Monks gather together every evening at 7pm, except weekends, to chant and meditate (evening prayers).  All are welcome. On Wednesday evenings the chanting is in Pali and English, followed with 45 minutes of meditation, a break for tea, and then a Dhamma talk in English. All are welcome, even without prior meditation instructions or practice.