Tuesday’s Sutta Study Group

On 9/28 we will discuss The Ten Perfections, attributes that assist us along the Eight Fold Noble Path. Reinforcement comes from a near mirror image in The Brahmaviharas (Four Divine Abodes, Sublime Attitudes). Suggested study material is from Ajaan Thanissaro and Bhikkhu Bodhi (primary resources). Please read the first 10 pages here: The Sublime Attitudes: A Study Guide on the Brahmavihāras (dhammatalks.org)

Join our Sutta Study Group at the following Zoom meeting:

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Drop a note to Mr. Vern Carlson if you would like to join:  ndvcarlson@comcast.net

And also please join us on Discord for Dhamma-related discussion and impromptu meditation. (Discord is a chat program that you can use on your computer or phone.) Email kalyanamitta@fastmail.com for a link.