The Council of Thai Bhikkhu in USA Meeting

THE COUNCIL OF THAI BHIKKHU IN USA (Meeting June 21-24, 2018)

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery and Meditation Center, the Temple will host the 42nd meeting of ‘The Council of Thai Bhikkhu in the USA’ on June 21st to the 24th.
The Council of Thai Bhikkhu in USA was established in June 1976 with the purpose of maintaining unity and uniformity of monastic life and practices of Thai Buddhist monks given the different environments in United States. And to exchange knowledge and ideas in the performance of Buddhist activities and their religious duties. They elected to have an annual meeting in June; to exchange knowledge and ideas, and to assist and promote activities of the Thai temples in USA.
There are approximately 200 Thai Buddhist temples in USA that send their representatives to attend the annual meeting. They expect around 300 monks to attend this June’s meeting.

This is an important event for the Atammayatarama temple, and Ajahn Ritthi the Abbot of the temple who has been a member of the council for 20 years.

Since this council meeting has never been hosted before by Atammayatarama there is a lot of planning and fundraising required for this event. The council has been successful in their efforts to help with education, organizing world related events, and solving monastic and temple issues.

The Temple can use volunteers to help with this event, and financial donations. Please fill out the contact form below, if you can volunteer and a coordinator will contact you.

For Financial Donations:
Donation by personal check, made out to ABM (for Thai Council Meeting), and mailed to Atammayatarama, 19301 176th Ave. NE Woodinville, WA 98072

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