May 17-18 Retreat Registration is closed

This Retreat will be led by the Abbott Ajahn Ritthi, and will be a combination of sitting and walking meditation and Dhamma discussions.

The “Weekend Retreat” starts on Friday evening at 7 pm, and ends on Saturday evening at 9 pm. Please note there is no Sunday Retreat any more.  You can stay overnight at the Temple, or make it a non-residential retreat.  If you stay to Sunday, you do not need to get up earlier than 8 am in time to remove your sleeping accommodations.  You are welcome to attend The regular Sunday Service which starts at 9:30 am.

You are required to provide your own sleeping accommodations (sleeping bag and cushion). You may sleep in the Meditation Hall or camp on the grounds (provide your own tent). There are showers available (bring your own towels, soap, etc.)

Breakfast and lunch (vegetarian) are provided. There will be only one main meal (lunch) a day.