Upcoming Events

Sunday Services

Sunday Service is the regularly scheduled Buddhist practice for the Thai community. All are welcome who want to follow this practice.

Retreat Information

The “Weekend Retreat” starts on Friday evening at 7 pm, and ends on Sunday morning at 8:30 am.  You can attend the Full, or Partial Retreat.  If you stay to Sunday, please consider attending the Sunday Service which starts at 9:30 am.  For the Weekend Retreat you are required to provide your own sleeping accommodations (sleeping […]

Northwest Buddhist “Day of Mindful Recovery”

Join us for a day of meditation practice with your peers in recovery.  Learn how the Buddha’s teachings on ethical behavior and mindfulness meditation can enhance your current  program of recovery. Together we will explore craving using mindfulness meditation and discussion. We will begin and end the retreat with a Buddhist recovery meeting, and  explore […]

Kathina Day

Kathina Day celebrates the completion of the 3 month rains retreat. To celebrate, the lay community offer the monastic community gifts of robes and supplies. “It is both a significant and joyful occasion that, over time, has become emblematic of the richness of the relationship that exists between the lay people and the monastics. This […]