Upcoming Events

Tuesday’s Sutta Study Group

We’re continuing our investigation into aspects of Dependent Origination. We’ve discussed the Four Noble Truths, Five Precepts, The Noble Eightfold Path, The Brahma-Viharas, The Ten Perfections and The Five Aggregates. Each individual subject or combination of subjects remain open for discussion. But be mindful of what you may intend to say or say, our next […]

Meditation Retreat at Atammayatarama

Meditation Retreat for 3 days: Thursday October 28th to Saturday October 30th. Observing the Eight Precepts, listening to Dhamma Talks, Meditation and Insight Meditation You may sleep at the Monastery, or attend the Retreat sleeping at home and returning early each morning.  If sleeping at the Monastery, bring your own sleeping bag and toiletries. Check-in […]