Past Events

Tuesday Evening Book Club

A weekly book discussion group is held on Tuesdays at 7 pm in the Activity Room. We begin each session with 30+ min of meditation, followed by a discussion of the assigned reading. No registration required and attendance every week is not required. The readings are announced through email. Sign up to receive weekly book club emails […]

Magha Puja Day

On this auspicious day, come to the Temple to give alms to monks, observe the Eight Precepts, practice renunciation, and meditate. Also participate in the candle ceremony walking around the temple clockwise three times holding a lighted candle, flowers, and incense. Magha Puja day commemorates an important event in the life of the Buddha when some ten months […]

Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Come bring in the New Year at the Temple with Chanting, Meditation, and food. Please check the Temple’s bulletin board in December for further information  

Registration for Joseph Kappel Retreat

There is a Thursday evening Service on October 18th 7-9 pm. With Chanting and Meditation with Thai Monks followed by a Dhamma Talk by Joseph. No Registration required. Two Non-Residential Retreats: Friday October 19th and Saturday October 20th at 9:00am to 4:30pm. Lunch is provided by the generosity of the Thai Buddhists. There is no […]

September Retreat Registration – Closed

Sorry but we have already scheduled lunch and cannot take late registrations.  Please consider the non-residential retreat in October. Thank you. The “Weekend Retreat” starts on Friday evening at 7 pm, and ends on Saturday evening at 9 pm. Please note there is no Sunday Retreat any more.  You can stay overnight at the Temple, […]

Dharma Study Examination (NO SUNDAY SERVICE)

There is NO Sunday Service this day because we need space for the Examination.  However, if you are not taking the test, you can be part of the event by volunteering for the event.  We need help in setting up and cleaning.  If you’re Interested, please contact Duen (425) 293-4002 or email to

Northwest Buddhist “Day of Mindful Recovery”

Join us for a day of meditation practice with your peers in recovery.  Learn how the Buddha’s teachings on ethical behavior and mindfulness meditation can enhance your current  program of recovery. Together we will explore craving using mindfulness meditation and discussion. We will begin and end the retreat with a Buddhist recovery meeting, and  explore […]

18th Annual Picnic

Please join us at our 18th Annual Picnic.  There will be 30 or more food vendors (local Thai restaurants + family prepared food) There will be parking on one side of 176 Ave., and NE 195th St. until there is no more spaces available.  Then parking will be at Leota Junior high-school parking lot located at […]

Dhamma Study Class on Thursdays

This class will meet every Thursday, with Ven. Santidhammo (Ajahn Tom) as instructor.  It will start with 30 minutes of meditation, a short break for tea, followed with the Dhamma subject commentary and discussion.  No subject has been selected for the first meeting. The resident Monks chant in the Meditation Hall at 7 pm, so […]