Information about the Weekend Retreats at Wat Atamm

Vipassana Retreats for 2020

May 29-30 June 26-27 July 24-25 August 28-29 The retreats will be open for registration on the 1st day of the Month of the scheduled retreat.  (i.e  Friday, May 1st for the May 29-30 Retreat.) If you have any questions about our Retreats, please email them to

Meditation Retreats

2019 Retreats are over for this year. Please read about our Retreat Schedules. The Weekend Retreat starts on Friday at 7 pm through Saturday at 9 pm.  The Day of Mindfulness starts on Saturday at 9 am to 9 pm or earlier. The Retreats are residential or non-residential.  If you want to sleep at the […]

About our Retreats

Attending one of our Meditation Retreats is a great way to get away from your daily activities, free your mind, and concentrate on your meditation practice.  The Retreats alternate between Weekend and Saturday (Day of Mindfulness).  Even if you select the Weekend Retreat, but cannot attend the full retreat, you are welcome to attend “Saturday only”.   […]