Class starting on the “Wings to Awakening”

The class is taught by Phra Phillip, and is held on Thursday’s starting June 7th at 7 pm in the Activity Room. There is no registration required, and attendance every week is not required. Following is information about the class:

Class Description
This class is an opportunity for English speakers to explore the “Bodhipakkhiyādhammā,” often translated in as “aides to enlightenment,” “wings to awakening,” or “factors leading to enlightenment.” These seven sets of qualities are regularly mentioned by the Buddha throughout the Pāli Canon. The class will last 38 weeks.

Expectations and Goals
Each week we will begin with 30 minutes of meditation, followed by a discussion of the assigned reading. There are a total of thirty-seven individual qualities (sattatiṃsa bodhipakkhiyā-dhamma), and each week we will study one factor in depth. The class style is informal and conversational; if work obligations require you to miss a class, you can easily catch up by discussing with a friend or doing reading on your own.

Required Materials
The readings will be provided and combine two books, “Bodhipakkhiya Dipani” by Most Venerable Ledi Sayadawgyi, and “Wings to Awakening” Ajahn Thanissaro (currently not in print.) Supplemental out of print materials will be included as well.