“A Still Heart in Chaotic Times” – October Retreat

Sakula-Mary Reinard (Portland Friends of the Dhamma Spiritual Leader) is leading the October Retreat.  She has selected “A Still Heart in Chaotic Times” as the focus of the retreat.

“The Buddha famously declared khanti (patience) . . . the restraint of holding the heart still in the presence of its suffering until it lets go of the ways in which it creates that suffering. That is, the mind/heart (citta) habitually creates suffering and stress through reacting to, holding onto or getting caught up with what life throws at us. All the perfections contribute to the lessening or dismantling of that dukkha, but the specific quality of patience is to carry the heart through the turbulence of existence so that it no longer shakes, sinks or lashes out”. Ajahn Sucitto: